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For example, you want to buy 1 Bitcoin at Robinhood. Robinhood will charge you $50,000 for 1 Bitcoin, but in reality, Robinhood bought the Bitcoin from the open market at $49,800 and sold it to you at $50,000. If you place a limit buy order at $50,000, Robinhood will not give you the best market offer.

*Hint: It’s not the United States. You will need to set your server to a country that doesn’t have a draconian regulatory presence. I usually choose the Netherlands. (You will need to run this before you go to the 4th step.)

But a level 3 account allows you to transact up to Php 400,000. You can transact up to a certain Pesos only depending on the document and identification you submit. For example, at, you can only cash in up to Php 50,000. ( Read : Limits and Verification Levels ). The AML is the reason why we have to submit documents such as Government ID, utility bills, credit card bills, etc in order to get verified in, etc. If you remember, sites like Coins and BuyBitcoin have verification levels.

Usually, the culprits deposit the money to a bank using different accounts. Money Laundering is a process of making "dirty money" ( money from illegal transactions etc ) appear clean monetary instruments ( legal money ). Once the money is in the bank (technically within the country’s financial system), the money will then appear legal and clean.

Initially, the Nifty wallet will support digital assets on Ethereum, Polygon, and the BNB Chain, with plans to integrate other chains in the future. Interestingly enough, the cold storage will feature an " Infinenon Solid Flash CC EAL 5+ Secure Element chip ", supposedly having " military-grade " security.

In its first limit (Level 1), you can cash in up to Php 2,00 but cannot cash out. A level 3 user can cash in up to 400,000 monthly with unlimited cash out, but you will need to verify your address. Level 2 users can cash in and out up to Php 50,000 monthly, but that requires at least 3 verifications – phone verification, identity verification, and selfie verification. Let’s take as an example.

Among the information that must be submitted include signatures, photos, pictures of government IDs, etc. In another amendment, firms must submit KYC documents to accompany suspicious transaction reports.

It is a deflationary token that pays a 1% ROI per day. If you are like me, I think inflation is here and going to get worse. So far, it has been nothing short of amazing. I’m excited about a new project called DRIP . I’ve been able to increase my original deposit by 10% just by reinvesting the daily returns. Fast forward to today. It also has a buddy system for referrals. I watched for a little bit, and finally took the dive. So the attractiveness of a deflationary token that also has high ROI is just phenomenal.

Then they would sell it in the market for $50,200. Then, Robinhood would buy your 1 Bitcoin at $50,000. In reality, Robinhood is doing business with your money. They would take this extra profit instead of giving it to you. In case of a limit sell order, if you place an order to sell your 1 Bitcoin at $50,000, Robinhood would not execute your order until the price goes beyond a specific price, for example, $50,200.

After waiting 5 days, I go to use my newly acquired BNB . Without getting too much in the weeds, they are parallel chains with the Binance Smart Chain being built on top of the Binance Chain. It is what gives the Binance Chain extended functionality, which was not possible before the Smart Chain was built. I needed BNB BEP-20 on the Binance Smart Chain . Turns out that I had purchased was just the Binance Native Token ( BNB BEP-2 ).

Based on the official news release , the SecuX Nifty cold wallet is the first of its kind and will allow collectors to view NFTs on the device. Likewise, the built-in Nifty app will enable owners to browse marketplaces like OpenSea , Rarible , and Pancakeswap , for trading or cryptocurrency purchasing NFTs.

The law also ensures that the country will cooperate with other countries, with the United Nations, and other international bodies for investigation of money laundering offenses, Binance or even cases where laundered money is used for financing terrorism.

Cryptocurrencies are digital money. If you can’t use your crypto, what’s the point? It’s like having a bank account, but you can’t spend your money from your account. On the contrary, you can buy, sell, and transfer your coins without any problems in other online crypto-wallets.

I was first introduced to BNB while watching a YouTube channel I subscribe to. He did a review for a yield farm; I thought it was cool and worth pursuing. My journey into BNB, and Drip has been interesting to say the least.

On the contrary, cryptos are currencies that are meant to be used. Similarly, Cryptos are currency. For example, if you are visiting Europe, you will convert your national currency to Euro. There’s a significant difference between a stock and cryptocurrency cryptos. When you buy a share, you are effectively purchasing a fraction of ownership of that company. Euro is not a share; it’s a currency.2 years ago

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